Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Perfect Ten Diet

The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones that Hold the Secret to Losing Weight
 Dr. Michael Aziz
Published by Cumberland House

This is a book I highly recommend as it has really changed the way I eat and how I look. I no longer snack (unreal for me as I have always had to snack every day as long as I can remember) unless I have exercised. I feel full after eating and no longer crave sugary deserts. In fact, my appetite and tastes have changed. In addition, I have lost a total of 17 pounds and one pants size.

My Impressions

I first heard about this book from a member in my church. Even though she is a pharmacist and quite knowledgeable, I really didn't pay that much attention to what she was saying about it. She encouraged me to get the book but I felt like it was just another fad diet that would soon blow over. But when I stopped listening, I started observing. Her husband lost a great deal of weight in a very few weeks and had a great checkup at the doctor. Then, my friend also began to visibly lose weight and get great checkups. Both of them seemed to feel better, more positive and content. I thought maybe it would be at least a good thing to check the book out of the library.

My husband, although he was also encouraged to read the book, was not interested in reading although he agreed I could change our diet according to Dr. Aziz's guidelines. So I did. It was very hard at first as the first three weeks are without any grains and I found myself craving whole wheat anything! Then, we began to get into a pattern and re-learned how to eat.

When you hear a title like the Perfect 10, your mind may immediately think of Bo Derek. But Dr. Aziz is actually focused on ten major hormones that are effected by our diet. He has seen in his own life and the lives of his patients that what we eat really can have a tremendous influence on our health and how we feel.  The weight loss is a good selling point of the book but it is the change in your hormones that Dr. Aziz is mostly concerned about.

The most interesting part of P10 is relying on fats and proteins to keep us full and satisfied. In fact, it is actually difficult to find full fat diary products in the supermarket. Yet, Dr. Aziz sees the digestion of fats and proteins as a cornerstone of our bodies' needs. In addition, a higher fat and protein content slows down our digestion and keeps us full for a longer time (hence less snacking). The P10 has also made us pay more attention to the ingredient labels on foods we buy. As Dr. Aziz says, if you can't pronounce it then you shouldn't buy it!

We tried several of the recipes but have had better luck tweaking other recipes to meet the P10 guidelines. I have heard rumors of a future P10 cookbook. I have yet to work on some of my favorite holiday deserts but I think I will tackle them in the near future.

When it was time to return the book to the library, I did so. But first I bought my own copy!

My Faithful Impressions

I guess most of us would have a heard time equating a diet book with our faith. However, the P10 diet is more than something to try for a short period. It really is more about taking care of yourself and eating healthy. Our body is a temple, right?

As Christians, we believe in the resurrection of the body. So, shouldn't we care for the body we have been given? We tend to spend so much time getting our souls right but then neglecting our bodies when are bodies are just as important. The P10 diet can introduce us to a healthy lifestyle that really makes a difference in how we look, how we feel and our overall health.

Although this book will not necessarily make you think theologically, it will help you to eat healthily and, I think, be more faithful. If you aren't thinking about your stomach, then you can focus more on God. 

I highly recommend this book - not just for reading but for following!

Happy, healthy eating!


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