Monday, August 22, 2011


By Meg Cabot
Published by William Morrow

Okay, I really was not going to read Overbite. I had read and reviewed Insatiable
I came away thinking it was not worth my time. I have to say now that Overbite saves the day for Cabot in my opinion. Perhaps this was the true ending of Insatiable but would make the book way too long. This book was rather brief but very satisfying. If you read Insatiable, you must read Overbite.

The story continues to follow Meena, Lucien and Alaric in New York and provides an even worse enemy to fight. Lucien becomes less and less of an admirable character. Alaric continues to love Meena but without a lot of talking. Meena tries to mend her broken heart and get on with her life. She has a new career and a new purpose. Too bad folks don't seem to be paying attention to her warnings. And the questions keep rising: who can be trusted? Who are the good guys?

In terms of relationships, talking and communicating don't seem to be a strong spot for either Lucien or Alaric. Both assume Meena will do as they want. I wish more time had been written in for Meena and her romantic interests. Although she ends up with the guy I wanted her to end up with, I still would have liked a bit more dialogue.

What does this book have to do with my faith? In both of these books, the Church (specifically the Roman Catholic Church) has a lot of secrets. Certainly the overall good of humans is being taken into consideration but I don't see it as being particularly Christian. Evil is fought through weapons, tactics, secret organizations and lots of money. How is the church different from the forces they are trying to fight? Not so much as it turns out. Where is the love, the prayer, power of the Spirit? How do you and I overcome evil in our lives? Do we turn to worldly methods or invoke a higher power?

Highly recommended for those of you who read Insatiable. Also, please check out the link above for Meg Cabot's own video publicizing her book. Pretty funny. Just click on the title.

Happy reading!


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