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River Marked

River Marked

By Patricia Briggs
Published by Penguin

River Marked is the sixth book in the paranormal fiction series by Briggs. I always enjoy her books although I felt as I was reading that perhaps I had missed one book. In fact, I would recommend this book only if you have read at least one other Mercy Thompson books. Otherwise, some things may not make too much sense to you.

Mercy Thompson is a woman who is also a walker and a shifter. This means that she sees and speaks with ghosts as well as shifts into being a coyote. What I did not fully realize until this book is that she is also part Native American. In other words, Mercy has never really fit in anywhere. She sees dead people, she can run as a coyote, she is neither completely white nor completely Native American. To top it off she is also a woman and a car mechanic.

Despite all her quirks, Mercy has done quite well in making friends and finding a place to belong. In River Marked her place is as the new wife of alpha werewolf Adam. The plot centers around the fact that they are on their honeymoon. However, their camper, campsite and even place for their trip was suggested and provided by the untrustworthy fae. For this honeymooning couple, nothing goes right.

I found the story to be entertaining while delving a bit more into Mercy's character. The whole alpha/mate relationship was a bit too handy at times but I suppose it saved quite a bit of dialogue. Old characters made an appearance without taking up too much space. Certainly there were plenty of new ones to meet. And even help from a very familiar magical device made the story come together.

I suppose Mercy Thompson fans may be disappointed that there were not more romantic interludes between Mercy and Adam. There were plenty of honeymoon moments but at the same time they seemed to quickly become an "old married couple." I actually was hoping that this was the last Mercy Thompson novel. I think it would have made a fine ending. But, alas, that is not to be. Mercy has led a hard life and it would be nice for her to have a happily ever after ending!

What did this book have to do with my faith? Part of the plot centers around Mercy's own understandings and feelings for the father that she never knew. She really struggles to put together new information as it comes to her. The connections that she makes really bother her and she has no other alternative but to accept things as they are. As someone who is adopted and who knows nothing about her own blood father, River Marked reminded me that my most important father is my Father in Heaven. If you read the book I think you will more clearly understand why I made those connections.

I recommend this book for those of you who have read any of the other Mercy Thompson novels.

Happy reading!


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