Monday, January 23, 2012


Reckoning is the final (yeah!) book in St. Crow's Strange Angels series. I say “yeah” because I get so tired of these kinds of series that go and on and on. I refuse to finish reading the Morganville Vampire series just for that reason.

I digress.

Reckoning completes the five book series about Dru Anderson's world that has completely turned crazy in just a few months. Her father, who has been fighting zombies and other creatures all her life, is turned into one and comes after her. She is forced to kill him. Then she runs into a vampire who says he is trying to help her. She turns instead to the “Goth boy” in her class but he ends up being bitten by a werewolf. Then she finds out that she herself is a special form of vampire called a svetocha but she has not yet “bloomed.” In these five books, Dru must come to terms with her true nature, the fact that an evil vampire will stop at nothing – including harming those around her – to get her, and that both a vampire and a loup-garou are competing for her heart. In this final book, Dru has bloomed but it takes her awhile to find her true power as well as her true heart.

St. Crow is one of my favorite writers and she has not let me down with this series. Although I got tired of Dru's whining about someone to take care of her, she finally came through in the end. Certainly, her life showed that a person – no matter how powerful – cannot truly do anything alone. One needs friends and allies to help, even when a person has tremendous power. At the same time, a person has to learn when to be dependent and trusting and when to make their own decisions and actions.

I have to put a note in here that there will be an obvious comparison between this and the books of Stephanie Meyers. I am sure St. Crow got the green light to write these in the wake of the popular teen vampire books published these days. I think this is one of the best “copy cats.”

What has the book taught me about my faith? This book really reminded me about how much I try to do things on my own. This includes my own faith life. Even though I ask God for help in my prayers, I really try to do things myself. I rarely wait for God to act. I forget to ask for God's direction. Instead of listening to God, I am going ahead and storming the castle. The result is a Christian who is closed to the workings of the Holy Spirit most of the time. This means that there is a lot of whining going on in my own head, too.

I highly recommend this book for those of you who have read other books in the series. If you have not read these, I highly recommend them. Fan of Stephanie Meyers? You may also enjoy these.

Happy reading!


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