Monday, February 13, 2012

Night Reigns

Night Reigns

The characters of Ami and Marcus were introduced in the first book of this series, Darkness Dawns. See my review from February 10. But in comparison to her first book, Duvall really proves she can write a great book with Night Reigns.

This series is about a group of mostly men who are called Immortal Guardians. They were human beings with special paranormal talents who were bitten by vampires. They then became like vampires in some ways: fangs that appeared when angered, a need for blood, ability to quickly heal, tendency to burn to a crisp in sunlight, ability to withstand physical injury, and the ability to live for a long time while looking young. But they can also eat regular food and don't have to have blood to exist. They also don't have the hunger to kill. In fact, their purpose is to keep the vampires from killing humans.

Ami and Marcus are first brought together when Marcus has been attacked by several vampires at once. Ami dives in to help, which shakes Marcus up. Marcus likes being self-sufficient. He sees Ami as human yet she is able to kill several vampires on her own. Then the leader of the immortals, Seth, informs Marcus that Ami is now his new Second. A Second is a human who acts on behalf of the immortal, especially during daylight hours when immortals usually sleep. Marcus likes working on his own and he is especially angry about Ami being his Second because he is very attracted to her. He knows that there are two reasons not to act on that attraction: 1)An immortal should be become attached to a human without paranormal power because they won't live as long and 2) An immortal should not have a romantic liaison with their Second because it can cloud their judgment.

Even as (you guessed it) Ami and Marcus become closer and romantically linked, it becomes clear that Ami has a secret. There is something different about her, yet she doesn't seem to have the same signs of being a paranormal. What is she hiding? What is her true relationship with Seth? Why is there a secret government organization interested in Ami? Duvall is able to write a romance while keeping the suspense and mystery to an interesting level. I also liked the fact that Ami is determined not to live as a helpless female, dependent on the big strong immortal to save her. She is eventually able to face her fears and save herself.

What did this book have to do with my faith? One thing I really liked about Ami was that she acted on what she believed. She didn't stand around and think about it. She didn't call up her friends and talk about it. She just did it. She used her abilities and talents to get what she felt was needed to be done. What would it be like if I, as a believer, did that? I get ideas all the time of what I could do but rarely do I actually act on it. I suppose I think my ideas are strange. Why would a practical stranger allow me to come pray over them? Who would want to see me at this time? What would I actually say in the letter I write? I can make all kinds of excuses not to do things when I probably should be acting on my nudges.

I highly recommend Night Reigns! You can read it without reading Darkness Dawns.

Happy reading!


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