Monday, March 12, 2012

Wicked Deeds on A Winter's Night

Wicked Deeds on A Winter's Night
By Kresley Cole

I've been reading this series by Kresley Cole and this is the best story so far. This is the third book but she also had a short story in a (really bad) compilation as well. I had never read the series, although I had seen it in the bookstore and at the library because the covers of the first three books were so badly done. The worst covers ever. See the link above if you don't believe me.

Cole's world is dominated by Lykae, vampires, Valkyrie, demons and the few along with witches, sorcerers and various gods. All of these immortals are preparing a big battle or change that they call the Ascension and racial mistrust is high. Meanwhile, the good vampires, Lykae (werewolves) and demons are busy finding their mates... across racial lines. Misunderstandings, violence and mayhem ensue while tensions escalate.

I have come to expect a certain mindset from many romance writers. Usually, it involves a woman who has her own career and lots of strengths meeting a man who has to control her. She usually gives in and accepts his "care" of her life, acquiescing her own career and independence. Cole's characters don't follow this same pattern as a rule. In fact, I really liked how the main character, Mari, resists Bowen's attempts to control who she is as a witch. As a very old Lykae, Bowen has the belief that he will provide for Mari and she will stop practicing witchcraft. But Mari has a unique call on her life and she is not about to back down from who she is. I thought Cole brought the two together in a great way, showing the love rather than control that Bowen had for her. I would imagine that their marriage will not just be smooth sailing but found that intriguing as much as anything.

What did this book have to do with my faith? I guess the question is, how willing are we as Christians to truly do as God calls us to do? If we feel without a doubt and have others confirm our calling, would we be willing to sacrifice a relationship that attempted to curb God's call? As someone who was called to the ministry, I can tell you that my spouse, also a minister, was totally resistant to being married to a clergywoman. But he allowed our love for one another and God's call on my life to be primary rather than his desire to have a "normal" clergy life. What is God calling you to do in your own life? What relationship(s) do you have that is holding you back from that calling? Are you willing to follow God?

I recommend Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night (just don't look at the cover).

Happy reading!


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