Wednesday, June 20, 2012


For all of you fans of the Hunger Games series, Legend will be sure to entice. As for me, I am not sure I want to read the next one. Yes, it is the first in a series and, yes, it does end with a cliff-hanger.

The story is about two young people, Day and June. June is a brilliant student now training to be a warrior. Day is also brilliant but in a street-smart way as he lives on the run from the law. June's brother is killed and she focuses on his killer: an outlaw named Day. As the two begin to play a game of cat and mouse, they discover a lot of similar things about one another. They are also romantically attracted to one another, much to their eventual mutual disgust. But things are not all as they seem in the Republic as the fight against the Colonies intensifies and Day and June just may have to rely upon each other more than they planned.

The fighting, testing and survival skills learned by children and teens is what makes this similar to the Hunger Games series. Perhaps in some ways, this novel is more of a take-off than original. There is also the third guy who is attracted to June – this reminded me of the Twilight series. I suppose the audience of young readers will take to this book because of its similar themes and plot twists. I much prefer the Matched series over Legend. See my review on that book here.

I did enjoy the way Lu wrote. Although I was really confused about this world and its history at first, at least she did not use pages and pages to explain everything. Facts just unfolded as the book moved along. I was not sure I liked June's character as well as Day's. There was also a lot of death but it never seemed sad. I don't think the characters were developed enough to really show the depth of sadness that is true of losing loved ones.

What did this book have to do with my faith? This book made me think how we in America have melded our faith with our patriotism. We turn a blind eye when our laws, country and politics go against the Christian faith. Perhaps we have been taught to overlook it when this happens. We have lost the ability to question the information we are give through the media – this is true for both conservatives and liberals. Do either CNN or FOX have the truth or even have Jesus in mind when they report? Of course not! They are too interested in ratings, money and power. This came to mind in Legend as I could see how the Republic shaped the image of what was truly happening in their war with the Colonies as well as their treatment of Day. When June uncovers the truth, she must make some hard decisions and go against much of what has been ingrained in her. Will Christians such as myself have to take a hard look at the Truth and make decisions that go against the grain?

I would only recommend this book for those who enjoy young adult or teen books as those I have mentioned.

Happy reading!


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