Wednesday, August 15, 2012

168 Hours

168 Hours: You have more time than you think
By Laura Vanderkam

Thanks to my husband for having this on his bookshelf! I glanced at 168 Hours and immediately started reading. It did take me longer to read (reading about use of time is not exactly relaxing) but Vanderkam's ideas have stuck with me and I am now logging my time this week. I think this will be on my top ten for the year.

In her book, Vanderkam proves how we all have more time than we think. However, most of us do not use our time wisely. In fact, we tend to fritter away our hours each week yet over estimate how we really use our time. Vanderkam shows that no one really works a 70 hour week. How much time do you spend at work surfing the net, facebooking, talking to your co-workers, having long business lunches, or even being really productive? You may clock in a certain amount of time, but are you really working?

The same goes for time at home. You say you don't have time to spend with your kids or your spouse but how much time to you spend watching television? Playing games on the computer? Reading junk mail?

The best way to know for certain how you are using your time is to keep a time log for at least one full week, possibly two. Most folks will say, "This wasn't a typical week for me!" but Vanderkam has learned that most weeks our time is spent in typical ways.

In addition, Vanderkam helps you to learn what you really want to spend your time doing and what you are really good at doing. She shows how you can use your time wisely and actually be more productive in your work, your relationships and your free time. I have always known my estimates on how long things will take are far from accurate. If I keep a time log, I have a better sense of how long I will actually need. For instance, I estimated that it took me at least two hours to write a week's worth of devotionals. It actually only takes just over an hour. I am still trying to learn how long it takes me to write these reviews!

What did this book have to do with my faith? Well, I have discovered this summer that I don't really have enough time for a deep prayer/devotional with God every day. But what I realized in reading 168 hours is that I have to make time for those things that are important to me. I need to begin to cut out those things that are not priorities. Certainly, constantly checking email and facebook is not productive. I could use that time to be in prayer, to read the scripture and to listen to that still small voice. God has given us 168 hours each week but it is up to us to use that time wisely.

How are you using your 168 hours?

I highly recommend this book!

Happy reading!


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