Wednesday, August 29, 2012


By Veronica Roth

Insurgent is the second book in the series. See my review here if you want to know more about the first book, Divergent.

This book continues the story about Beatrice and the consequences of the choices she has made. Beatrice was more of a wimp in this book. She now has a lot of psychological baggage that she is having to process without the time or the space that is needed. While the first book covered her training and growing, the second book has her constantly on the move. Her love for Four was growing in the first book. Now they are more at odds with one another, not trusting each other, keeping secrets and generally trying to grow in their relationship.

I liked how Roth let Beatrice wallow in her self-pity and grief then let her develop naturally toward the character she most likely will blossom into in book three. This will be another top ten for the year. Again, if I say too much, all you will have are spoilers. You must read Divergent to understand Insurgent.

What did this book have to do with my faith? I think in Christian terms, the book was kind of like Beatrice had sinned. She made a choice and now has to live with it. To some readers, it may seem like she didn't have a choice but she did. Beatrice then tries to somehow undo her choices. She constantly tries to sacrifice herself for the good of others. It is all about what she can do to absolve herself. As a Christian, I know that nothing I can do will cause me to be forgiven. I must go to God and ask for forgiveness. I must go to those I have hurt and ask for forgiveness. I may not always be forgiven by others, but I know God will forgive me because of what Jesus Christ has done for me.

I highly recommend Insurgent!

Happy reading!


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