Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Epic Fail

Epic Fail
By Claire LaZebnik

This is another teen romance that I can't remember how I ended up reading it. Perhaps as a recommendation on amazon? Anyway, I got it because the plot sounded interesting. When I actually read the cover, I realized this was a modern teen take on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

And what a take! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it with better insight once I clued in to the fact that I should be looking for Austen's characters and plot in Epic Fail.

Derek Edwards is Darcy. He is the son of two famous actors and acts very snobby. However, we come to realize this is because everyone simply wants to be near his parents -- few people are interested in Derek as himself.

Elise Benton is Elizabeth. Her mother is the new principal of the exclusive private high school in LA. Elise wants to fit in but is awkward at best. Her sister begins seeing Derek's best friend and Elise and Derek are thrown together in some hilarious scenes.

Although the plot is not as exact as Austen's, it is a fun read trying to see how LaZebnik can turn the classic book into a teen novel.

What did this book have to do with my faith? It all has to do with judgmentalism. I can judge others as fast as non-Christians. And often my judgement is way off the truth. In addition, I might close myself off from others who could be helpful in my own Christian journey -- or I might be helpful in theirs. And to make matters worse, judgement has no place in loving others as God loves me. Both Derek and Elise make judgments about one another as well as other teens in school that turn out to be untrue. As a Christian, I should be just but leave the judgment up to God.

I highly recommend Epic Fail!

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