Monday, January 14, 2013

Do or Di

Do or Di
By Eileen Cook

Do or Di was one of those prime freebies on amazon's kindle that I try to take advantage of each month. I was thinking it was a teen novel but it actually is a young adult (early to late twenties) novel.

I don't always get frustrated with main characters but Erin Callighan was truly frustrating. She was obviously talented, beautiful, smart, funny and strong, yet she allowed herself to fall under the misconception that there wasn't a man who would be good enough to be with. So, she settled for someone else's man. And tried to give all kinds of reasons she should stay with him. I was proud of her for deciding not to sleep with him once she found out about his family (this was not revealed until after they slept together for the first time). However, why a smart lady would think he was going to leave his wife and child I don't know. In addition, some of her behavior at work was extremely self-aggrandizing. I suppose it was good that she wasn't sleeping her way up the airwaves.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I felt it ended too abruptly. I wish Cook had told a bit more about what was going to happen to Erin and Colin and whether Erin was really able to help Diana. I was also looking for more "advice" from the supposed spirit of Princes Di who was channeled through Diana.

What did this book have to do with my faith? I am great at rationalizing. Erin was too. I recognized that trait immediately. I also know that I tend to rationalize aspects of my Christian lifestyle: my giving, my time, my talents, my prayer life, my bible study. There is always a reason to shorten it, not do it, half-do it, ignore it or consider it non-essential. I am able to focus on the other things that are going well in my life of faith and letting other things slide, essentially stunting my own spiritual growth. How do you --smart, beautiful, talented funny and strong believer -- rationalize your own faith?

I recommend Do or Di.

Happy reading!


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