Friday, April 12, 2013

A Storm of Swords

A Storm of Swords

Well, I am learning something. This is actually the Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series that will be seven books long. Book number five, A Dance with Dragons, will be published in October and the next to last book, The Winds of Winter will probably be released sometime in 2014. In the meantime, you can also catch the HBO series called Game of Thrones. It is very close to the book (at least so far in season one) but expect more naked women as that is an HBO thing.

A Storm of Swords is not a book about battles as it is about chaos. What happens when the political and economic powers fall? Taking up your sword is more about survival. Who will you kill in order to save your own skin/pride/respect/honor?

I suppose now that I have continued to read the series and have made it through book three, I can say I am a fan, although a reluctant one. Martin continues causing havoc in the Seven Kingdoms and beyond but I am now immune to getting attached to any one character. I expect everyone to die, be horribly hurt or lose everything (or maybe all three). I cheer certain characters on and dream what possible good things could happen to them. When I don't hear from a character for some time, I wonder what is happening to them or where they will show up next -- Martin is definitely the king of surprises.

Where is our faith in the midst of chaos? Is the Christian religion only good in the best of times? From a Western point of view, most of our church history comes out of a place of power and dominance: Christianity is for the winner. What happens to faith when it takes place in the midst of pain, torture, and loss? I think of the places where Christianity is growing such as Africa and the Orient. Many become believers in the midst of chaos. Would my own beliefs hold in such an atmosphere? Would yours? We would like to think so.

I recommend this book for fans of the series.

Happy reading!


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