Monday, June 24, 2013

An Officer's Duty

An Officer's Duty
Jean Johnson

An Officer's Duty continues to follow the life of Ia who has several paranormal abilities including being able to read the future. The setting is in a space-traveling future. Ia has determined that her best attempt at saving the human race is to join the military and she has now been promoted as an officer. The first book left lots of questions unanswered and this book attempted to answer many of them.

Compared to the first book in Theirs Not to Reason Why series, Ia is a much more vulnerable and approachable character. In the first book, you just saw how a Marine might go through basic training and serve in space some time in the future. Now that Ia is an officer, the pace of the book slows down. We see her traveling home for a brief visit, preparing for the next step she must take to save humanity and even falling in love -- something she rejects as she knows this can derail her plans to keep the human race from being annihilated.

The main problem I had with the book was the main character's trying to be humble when it just didn't feel genuine. Ia is not a humble character. She is driven to save the world. You have got to have a certain level of self-confidence and belief in your own abilities in order to be a hero at least one time. Ia keeps being a hero again and again. She tries to act humble but it comes across as just that -- an act.

What did this book have to do with my faith? How willing am I to do anything to save others? Ia has structured her whole life to save as many people as possible. As a Christian, I am to share the good news -- the news that will save lives eternally. Yet, how often do I shy away from speaking to people about Christ? From forming relationships? Admiting I am Christian, much less a minister.? It is much easier to stay in my comfort zone. Ia has forced herself out of her own comfort zone to save as many lives as possible. Certianly, she has a formadible will and courageous strength. She is fully capable. Am I not as capable to share the gospel? What about you?

I recommend this book for Jean Johnson fans and those who read the first in the series.

Happy reading!


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