Friday, August 16, 2013

Desserts that have killed better men than me

Desserts that have killed better men than me
By Jeremy Jackson

Desserts that have killed better men than me was a title that came to me in a dream. Or possibly I was awake. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. Anyhoo, it is a title that deserves an actual book to go with it. The basic idea behind the title is that all the desserts in the book are so good they're dangerous. They're knockouts. Lethal, in some instances....(From the cover of this cookbook).

I enjoyed Jackson's book, 24 Girls in 7 Days, and found out he had also written some cookbooks. I was intrigued and then hooked when I read this title. But how do you "read" a cookbook?

Easy. Jackson has lots of commentary, so there is much to actually read. And what person who loves to bake wouldn't enjoy reading about baking? But don't stop there - go make something!

I have made the Chocolate Sinkholes. Yum. Yum. Yum. SO GOOD! I am planning on baking the Indispensable Chocolate Torte as well as the Whole Wheat Poppy Seed Cake. Click on the title link above to see the whole cookbook (yes, believe it or not). Then start baking! But be sure to follow Jackson's advice on ingredients.

What did this book have to do with my faith? Two words: moderation and selectivity. Jeremy actually lost weight writing this book -- and was eating deserts every day. But he exercised and used restraint. In other words, he watched what he ate and didn't overdo it on the sweets he was tasting. In addition to the sampling, Jackson only chose to publish sixty recipes rather than 100. However, he stands behind each and every one of them and guarantees they are all great. Sometimes we try to overdo it in our faith and be super-Christians. You know: volunteer for everything, put everyone on our prayer list, make ourselves feel guilty when we don't tithe/fast/feel positive. But it is actually the simple things, the most basic that are what we need. Things like time alone with God just to be in God's presence listening rather than asking. Or participating in worship just as a part of the congregation. Noticing God's creation or the smallest miracles. Enjoying the people around us right now rather than anticipating what is next. Where do you need moderation and selectivity in your own walk with Christ?

I highly recommend this cookbook!

Happy reading (and cooking)!


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