Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bayou Moon

Bayou Moon
By Ilona Andrews
Published by Penguin

Ilona Andrews is one of my favorite writers. The interesting part is this is a pseudonym for a husband and wife team. I would love to know how they are able to write together and stay married! But I digress.

Bayou Moon is the second in The Edge series. These novels deal with the place between our world and the world of magic. In the Mire, as it is called, some magic may be done but not without consequences. Mostly this part of the world is populated by people who don't want too much attention from those who live in the Weird - the world of magic. So, I guess this is sort of a place for magical outlaws, some of whom also work in Louisiana - the non-magical world.

Cerise Mar is now the leader of her family after the disappearance of her parents. She is able to fight and to use magic. William is a changeling (read werewolf) who is also very good at fighting. Too bad he is also a spy and is looking for something the Mar family has in their possession. Neither know much about the other when they meet but they quickly become fellow travelers and something much more. Personal histories and secrets are revealed bit by bit as they fall in love with each other even while both believing they have no future together.

I loved the characters and the whole world of the Edge. However, I was very disappointed by how the book ended. It was too quick, too clean. What makes the rest of the book intriguing is that it is messy and more like real life. Not everyone lives and not everyone makes it through without scars. At the end, there is this new wealth and instant happiness for all. Way too neat for me.

Also, I kept wondering about the young man who lost a paw. Yes, that is not a typo. He kept being able to do everything with one hand. I never got that part, especially since he was shooting a gun. There was no mention of instant healing. Perhaps to many writers and not enough careful editors? This won't make me stop reading Ilona Andrews, however!

How did questions of faith come out in Bayou Moon? I have to be honest here and say I cannot remember! I keep telling myself that I need to write these reviews as soon as I have finished the book but I always wait until Wednesday mornings. I am able to remember plot but not so good about my faith impressions on every book. I do remember that a great deal is made about William's background and the fact that his parents did not want him because of what he was.  He was basically given to the government and raised as a lethal arm of the military. When Cerise and her family accept him as he is and love him despite his nature, that to me is grace. It reminds me of God's grace and acceptance for us not matter what our nature or our background. Even when everyone else, including our parents, reject us, God never will.

I recommend Bayou Moon and invite you to check out other books by Andrews.

Happy reading!


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