Friday, September 30, 2011

The Power of Six

The Power of Six
By Pittacus Lore
Published by Harper Teen

I reviewed I am Number Four a few months ago. I am happy to be back after reading The Power of Six. While Number Four continues his adventures with Sam and Number Six, Number Seven or Marina begins telling her story. I both liked and disliked this book but would highly recommend it to anyone who read or watched I am Number Four.

I liked The Power of Six because it told more of the story and I really liked the Marina and her friend Ella. Marina's story is different; although she and her Cepan, or guardian, moved around some when Marina was little, they have been living in a convent/orphanage for several years. In fact, Marina's Cepan has become a nun herself, totally forgetting and even denying their Lorien past. Marina's legacies have been to blossom but she lacks direction and instruction by the one person who should be helping to keep her alive and strong. She is lonely, bullied and very sad when the new girl, Ella, enters the convent. Ella is several years younger, newly orphaned and most likely to be adopted. But the two girls develop a strong friendship that seems to help both of them. In the meantime, Four, Six and Sam struggle to keep one step ahead of the Mogadorians and out of trouble with the law. It seems for them to be a losing battle.

What I disliked about The Power of Six is that nothing really positive seemed to happen to anyone. Marina continues to be bullied by the other girls and hunted by the Mogadorians while her guardian keeps the Chest containing all that can help her hidden. Sam likes Six, Four is supposedly in love with Sara but he starts to like Six as well. And who does she really like? They can't seem to stay out of either the clutches of the authorities or the enemy. Always on the run and never sure what they should do next, they just need a break. They don't get one in this book. It all seems pretty hopeless for the fate of Lorien and the planet Earth.

What did the book have to do with my faith? As Marina and her guardian, Adelina, are living in a convent, the subject of organized religion was always in the background. At one point, Adelina tells Marina that their past on Lorien was just like a bad dream but that their afterlife is now secure that they are Christians and read scripture. Marina rejects all of that. Later she says that what she is doing is offering salvation -- both to Earth and to Lorien. Makes me think about times when I feel my own actions to be salvation for someone - my spouse, my child, my church, my friends, or people I have never met. I think what I do and who I am is going to save someone. Perhaps it would at least temporarily. But I do not have the power - physical or otherwise -- to save anyone. Christ has that power. And I don't have to do anything but accept his saving action for me. I may respond to his saving grace but I don't earn it. Have you ever felt like you were saving someone else?

So, even though I was excited and put down two other books to read this when it became available at the library, I was also disappointed. Hope any of you Number Four fans enjoy it!

Happy reading!


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