Friday, November 4, 2011

Grave Dance

Grave Dance
By Kalayna Price

I so enjoyed Grave Witch. And I was so disappointed with Grave Dance.

I won't go into all the characters again. Click here to see my first review. Everyone is back and a few new characters appear, especially several royal Fae. In the end, Alex had pretty much fallen for Falin Andrews who turned out to be Fae. Falin then disappeared from her life. The book would have been so much stronger if then she had spent more time with Death (her name for this soul catcher that only she can see and feel) and struggled with her attraction to him.

Sadly, Alex spends her time running around not eating, sleeping or getting any kind of down time. And when I say running, she is often literally running from some kind of danger to another when she is not being kidnapped and forced to go where she does not want to go. She seems to have lost all her sense and a good bit of what made her intriguing in the first book: her ability to speak with the dead. Mostly she goes in and out of Fae and keeps making a strange magic appear that is difficult for the reader to understand. When she does have some rest, she spends it in the arms, etc. of Alex who does not appear to be anyone she can really trust.

I was just glad to get through the book. Of course, you know that I will read the next one that is sure to follow. There is always hope – look at Ellen Conner!

What did this book have to do with my faith? Sabbath time. We all need it. We may think we are super human and can go and go and go without taking a break but we all need a day off. We especially need a day off to do nothing but worship God and be with our family. This book again made me realize how important that one day a week is for our spiritual and mortal lives. I was pretty tired after reading about all Alex did in the space of just a few days. Then I look at my own busy life and wonder how I am able to cope. I do take Sabbath time, however. Because I am a pastor, I try to take each Friday and do no work – including checking email, facebook, etc. I spend time in prayer and spend time with my family. And do lots of reading! Are you taking Sabbath time in your own life?

I do not recommend this book.

Happy (Sabbath) reading!


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