Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Midnight: A Dark Age Dawning Novel

Midnight: A Dark Age Dawning Novel
By Ellen Conner

Today I begin what I consider a three-part book review on three books of fantasy from four different authors: Ellen Conner (two writers under one name), Kalayna Price and Charlaine Harris. I liked one, loved another and was extremely disappointed in the third.

Let's begin with Midnight: A Dark Age Dawning Novel by Ellen Conner. I have reviewed the first in the series, Nightfall. I was not impressed by the first book. But this book was so much better. Perhaps Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty had finally gotten into their stride in this book. The “world” was set and all they had to do was act in it. Also, I was not surprised this time when ordinary people turned into animals as I had been in the first book.

In addition, I just liked the characters more. There was more to both Dr. Chris Welsh whom we met in Nightfall and in Rosa Cortez, a new character. They seemed to be more real and their relationship was more believable. Rosa was a strong character and seemed well matched with Chris. It was also good to see the changes in Chris that had developed over a few years since Nightfall ended. Chris helped to develop a heart and caring while Rosa gave strength and purpose. They both had to overcome character flaws: Rosa had to let down her emotional walls and allow others in while Chris had to overcome his feelings of failure in past relationships. The supporting characters were also interesting and helped the plot move along nicely.

The setting was also well done. The Valle de Bravo, this little village, seemed to be in the desert somewhere in New Mexico or perhaps Southern California but it was never clear. The village provided a place of sanity in a world where everything people understood had been completely shaken up. The village provided stability, family, shelter and protection.

What did this book have to do with my faith? I think all Christians at some time or another equate their faith and their trust in God with being a shelter against a world that seems to have fallen apart around them. Perhaps you have felt God to be your shelter during a time of personal loss or tragedy. God is the one who then goes out to fight your battles for you and preserve that sanity and stability of which you are in need. That is Valle de Bravo and Rosa and her militant crew. They are helping to protect and preserve what they hold dear. Certainly they do have to face change as well as their own prejudices but in the end they come out stronger. This is also what happens to us when we depend upon God in the storms of our own lives.

I recommend Midnight. You would not have to read Nightfall to be able to enjoy this book!

Happy reading!


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