Monday, December 19, 2011


By Myra McEntire

I have to admit that I read this book back in September but never actually wrote the review. So, my memory is kind of sketchy but I will do my best. I do remember that I thought this was a wonderfully creative paranormal book that just did not live up to my expectations nor its possibilities.

Emerson Cole has lost both parents but gained a strange ability: she can see dead people. However, she has tried to cover up this ability by taking medication, being hospitalized, etc. After attending boarding school, she has convinced her older brother and sister-in-law that she is capable of living with them and going to public school. What she has not told them is that she has stopped taking her medication and the dead have come back. But now they include sounds (she didn't seem to have that before) and multiple people in groups.

Fortunately, Emerson's brother has also hired a man, Michael Weaver, from a paranormal company called Hourglass to help her. What Emerson discovers is that her ability is actually a gift. And she also begins falling in love -- first with Michael, then with the mysterious Liam who appears in her bedroom and finally with Michael's good friend Kaleb. Although she claims to believe Michael as a soul-mate of sorts she does not seem to have a good grip on any of these relationships.

I can't say too much more without giving a spoiler alert. Let's just say that there is more to the ghosts than Emerson understands. And between her abilities and Michael's own talent she has the ability to save her father. Now she must choose between saving the life of her father and the life of the man she claims to love most of all.

What does this book have to do with my faith? In Hourglass someone has to chose to die so that someone else can live. That reminds me of the sacrifice Jesus made on my behalf. But Jesus' sacrifice is that much larger because he gave up his life for all humanity, even when they did not claim to love him. And Jesus did not know me when he allowed himself to be arrested and put on trial. To give up your life for someone you love and who loves you back is completely different from what Jesus did.

I would not recommend this book unless you are a big fan of teenage paranormal fiction. It is okay but not the best. I think McEntire could have done more with the storyline.

Happy reading!


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