Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Illegal Magic

Illegal Magic
By Arlene Blakely

I ordered this free book on amazon for my kindle. Sometimes that means the book will be a pure wasted of time. I thought at first this one would be but, as I continued reading, I really enjoyed Illegal Magic.

Alanna or Lani Goldspell is from a family who has always been known for their powerful magic. Too bad that Lani inherited none of it. So, she is desperately trying to fit into the non-magical world. Her naivete and her determination to live without magic make her a sympathetic and humorous character. I love it that when she finds the cheapest car it is actually a hearse but it takes her weeks to figure this out!

Lani has no magical powers yet she is a warm and generous person who cares deeply about her friends and family. She tries her best to help others and to do a good job as the newest hire at a prestigious law firm. She is also is dealing with the fallout of a one night stand. She continues to run into the young man who cannot remember their night together yet seems to like her.

Lani must be the paranormal equivalent of a young adult entering the workforce today. Everything in this new world of work seems very different and the young person must figure out how to fit in the best they can. It is not an easy task.

The magical world Blakely created is fun, quirky and totally unrealistic. Yet, I enjoyed her sophomoric attempts to create humor and unexpected situations. Sometimes the plot was predictable but Lani's character was fun to watch as she progresses into her own.

What did this book have to do with my faith? Becoming and being a Christian means that you do have to bridge two worlds: the secular and the spiritual. This is not always an easy task. Often it means choosing one world over the other. Lani has to continually bridge the non-magical world with the magical world. She tries to be accepted at work while maintaining her close ties to magic-born family and friends. She is not always successful but she keeps trying. As a Christian, I am constantly trying to be Christ's follower yet live in the real world. I want Christ's acceptance but at the same time I know I must have relationships with nonbelievers in order to spread the gospel. It is at times an uneasy alliance. However, if all Christ wanted was my believe in him, he would have taken me to heaven the moment I accepted him in my heart. So, like Lani, I continue to struggle.

I recommend Illegal Magic. Right now it is still available for free on amazon.

Happy reading!


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