Friday, July 13, 2012

To Tame a Highland Warrior

I have really enjoyed Moning's Shadowfever series but decided to go back and read some of her more romantic offerings set in the Scottish Highlands. To Tame a Highland Warrior was actually one of the more enjoyable. I remember some of her earlier books as being pretty spicy in the romance department but I did not find this one to be quite as explicit.

The male character, Grimm, is secretly a Berserker. As far as I could tell this meant a cross between the Hulk and a werewolf. Grimm appeared in another of Moning's books and I wanted to know his story. He has always been in love with Jillian, a sweet young woman who saved his life when he was younger. However, after seeing his father kill his mother, Grimm believes that he cannot be trusted to love and be with Jillian because of his Berserker nature and his father's crazy genetic inheritance.

Jillian has been holding out for Grimm for years. However, her parents are ready to marry her off. So, she must choose between three young warriors, Grimm being one of them. It is evident from the first that her heart already belongs to Grimm. But the other two young men are not going down without a fight. Grimm acts like he could care less but the more time he spends in her company, the less he can deny his love for Jillian.

What I enjoyed was the byplay between the two characters before they finally gave in to their feelings. Their conversations had a lot of heat and humor. Of course, Grimm's secret eats at him and prevents him from truly admitting his feelings. And Jillian is determined that Grimm is the one and only man for her.

This book had to do with my faith in terms of how I should be on my journey as a Christian. What I enjoyed in To Tame a Highland Warrior was the journey toward the happy ending I knew was coming at the end of the book. This is different for me in that I am often just wanting to get to the end of books I read. The journey of reading is not always what I enjoy. I wish I enjoyed the journey of my own Christian life rather than simply focusing on what I know will be a happy ending. I am so centered on the end of my story that I often fail to enjoy the scenery and the challenges of where I am at any given moment (like right now). I need that day to day enjoyment as well as looking forward to the ending.

I recommend this book.

Happy reading!


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