Monday, November 19, 2012

The Council of Dads

Prepare yourself to cry when reading The Council of Dads. Also prepare yourself to look to see who you would put on your own council -- maybe not of dads but perhaps of aunts or mentors or even children. Feiler’s book will make you think about your life and also how you might be willing to slow down and enjoy your life right now. 

Feiler was diagnosed with cancer at age 43. He and his wife Linda had only been married a few years and their twin daughters were three years old. The question that kept Feiler awake at night was this: what would life be like for his girls without their father? Feiler came up with a solution: ask six men who not only were good friends but also represented different aspects of Feiler to be a Council of Dads in case of Feiler’s death. These men would be available for whatever Tybee and Eden needed in their lives. They would be Feiler’s voice, advice, and encouragement. The book follows Feiler as he describes and asks each man to be on this council. We also get a glimpse of what Feiler’s home life and struggle with cancer was like during the longest year of his life. The reader also gets an idea of how Feiler loves his girls.

What did this book have to do with my faith? This book really made me realize how much time I spend doing stuff yet I don’t spend time with people like my family. Normally, if my son rides to church with me I am too busy to play games or be silly as I am trying to get in the “zone” for worship. This past Sunday, we played the alphabet game in the car and I was actually a whole lot happier and relaxed for worship. I think God really wants us to take time with those we love and those God has given us as friends in our life. Is it not sinful to ignore or set aside those relationships just so we can get down to what we think is important? 

I highly recommend The Council of Dads -- just have plenty of Kleenex on hand!

Happy reading!


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