Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Season

The Season
By Sarah MacLean

Sorry to have been so long in writing these review. I now have a stack of 7 books, not including the books on my Kindle, that I am planning on reviewing. Hopefully, you will see one or two that interest you in the next few weeks. Now for the review....

I have now read about all the books that MacLean has written and I have to say that her teen book is the best. If you want a bit spicier in the romance department, go for her "adult" series. However, I think her writing is most refreshing and realistic in The Season.

The Season is about Lady Alexandra Stafford who is about to begin her first season in this Teen Regency romance. She is more interested in discussing politics or going riding than wearing the latest fashions or caring for whom to marry. In fact, she does not like the idea of marrying at all. Too bad that her relationship with her older brothers' best friend, Gavin, the new Earl of Blackmoor, seems to be changing. This leaves Alex confused while she and her closest friends begin to help solve the mystery of what really happened to Gavin's father and who is trying to kill the son.

I really enjoyed the teen point of view because the age of seventeen was really the age that young women were introduced into society solely with the point of marrying well. Although Alex is immature, this reflects her age and her sheltered life. I also liked the idea that many of these young lords and ladies knew one another before being thrust into society -- what a change that must have been for many of them. They were expected to almost instantly become adults.

What did this book have to do with my faith? One of the themes in this book is the inheritance of the oldest male child. This includes the title, money and lands tied up in the estate. The idea of the heir inheriting everything is not a new idea. Recently, the law of primogeniture of the crown was changed in England -- no matter what the gender of the next child they will be the heir to the throne. The faith part comes when I understand that I am God's heir -- and so are you! There is no eldest only rule in the Kingdom of God. We are all heirs to God's promise of eternal life. So, we don't have to be jealous of Jesus or anyone else who has become a child of God. Thank you, God, that I am an heir of the promise!

I highly recommend The Season.

Happy reading!


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