Friday, December 14, 2012

The Silver Kiss

The Silver Kiss
By Annette Curtis Klause

If you are a vampire fiction fan, you will want to read this book! Don't worry -- no vampire sparkles in this version. In fact, these vampires are what we used to think about vampires before the Twilight Saga and, to a certain extent, Buffy.

My husband checked this book out of the library and liked it so much that he bought his own copy. However, it was a later addition. He then recommended that I read it. I did but what we didn't realize is that this addition had a prologue with lots of spoilers which he did not have in his book. So, if you do read this book, make sure it has "The Summer of Love" and "The Christmas Cat" short stories with it but if it has an introduction save it for afterwards!

The story is about a vampire named Simon. He basically lives on the streets, separated from the rest of humanity unless it is to feed. He does not know love or companionship. Zoe is a young teenager whose mother is dying of cancer and Zoe's best friend is moving across the country. Zoe's life is as lonely and almost as bleak as Simon's. They seem like two similar characters who somehow strike up a relationship that changes both of them.

What did The Silver Kiss have to do with my faith? This book reminds me that there is evil in the world. No matter how sexy or hot a vampire may seem in the fictional world, they are really an evil creature/concept. And no matter how we try to make all of the world to be a good place, there is evil and suffering. God did call creation good but, because of our free will, the door is open for bad things to happen and bad people to exist. Does that mean that God loves us any less? No. Does that mean God hates evil people? I think God always loves and always wants those who did wicked things to repent and come close to God. I can't answer what will happen when such a person dies but I know God pursues them relentlessly during their lifetime -- just as God pursues you and me.

I highly recommend The Silver Kiss.

Happy reading!


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