Monday, January 28, 2013

The Secret Circle Series

The Secret Circle Series: The Initiation, the Captive Parts I & II, The Power
by L J Smith

Smith is most well-known for her Vampire Diaries series of books and the show of the same title.  The Secret Circle Series was also made for television but only lasted one season. The writers really changed the storyline too much and it didn't work very well. Plus, the guys weren't as hot. Seriously, their main audience has got to be young girls but you need eye candy to keep their attention.

These books should all be read as one to get the whole story. Smith has written at least two more (one of which is coming out this year). I liked how Smith used the story of the Salem witches and the setting of New Salem to tell an old story in a new way. I was fascinated that she had written these books in the early nineties, before all the recent paranormal craze.

The book is about Cassie and her move from California to New England where she discovers that her mother has been hiding something about her heritage -- she is part of a group of families of witches. Now she has to learn what it really means to be part of an inner circle even while she suppresses her love for Adam.

I really liked seeing how Cassie grew from the beginning to the end of the series. She also discovered what it means to really be a friend. She learns the power of being honest. Cassie also learns that her parentage does not determine who she can be.

I did have a problem with the way the circle of witches seemed to bully the school and the community. Even though they seem to be on the side of good, their status as witches keeps them in the bad guys category. I wonder if Cassie will change that.

What did this series of books have to do with my faith? Where is God in all of this mess? Is evil just allowed to keep alive and no sign of God's power? Is it only up to some witches and their coven to make sure evil is kept at bay? I think we too easily dismiss the God's power over evil and darkness. We don't seem to think that God works in the spiritual realm at all. I think that is why there is a fascination with witches in our world and in fiction. They seem to be the only ones who work in a non-physical way. But God still works miracles and God is very much busy in the spiritual realm. We have simply closed our eyes or see it is coincidence. I was just logged out of my blog (by forces unknown) and had to log back in.  Was that a glitch or something else?

I recommend the Secret Circle Series.

Happy reading!


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