Monday, February 18, 2013


By Ally Condie

Okay, I have reviewed Condie's first books in this series and recommended both. You can follow or re-read these by clicking on Matched and Crossed. Before getting a copy of the final book in this series, I read some reviews on Amazon that were not great -- many reviewers talked about Reached being boring or lacking in action. I have read such reviews before and often disagree with them, so I didn't let their opinions stop me from reading the conclusion to Cassie's, Ky's and Xander's story(ies).

I have to say I was very disappointed in Reached.

It wasn't a lack of action that let me down. Instead, it felt like Condie was having a hard time simply ending the book. Maybe she didn't know how to end it or where it should go. I never got a good grasp of why some things had happened and other reasons seemed way to contrived or simplistic. And the ending was like a whimper. Usually in the conclusion of such a story there is a battle or huge problem to overcome -- the odds seem insurmountable yet the hero or heroine are able to overcome all obstacles and there is - if not a happy at least a- satisfying conclusion. The big issue here? Finding a cure for a disease. Bring in the big guns! Loud music! Move to the edge of your seats! NOT!

In fact, the cure is found way before the ending and I am not sure really if there was a good ending to the book. I came away not really impressed with Ky. Cassie also seemed to lose her fighting spirit. Xander still seemed to be living in another world -- he was in love with and determined to win Cassie until he wasn't. I would have liked there to be more discussion with Xander and Cassie but they never did. Condie seemed to constantly keep everyone separated like she was afraid of what might really happen if they all got together.

That makes me wonder how we react or act when our faith disappoints us. What do we do when what we have prayed for does not happen? How do we feel when God seems to let us down? Do we lack a blessing if the good stuff doesn't come our way? Those are the questions Reached seemed to spark in my own faith walk.

Not a recommendation unless you just want to conclude the series.

Happy reading!


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