Wednesday, April 3, 2013


By Charlaine Harris

The twelfth Sookie Stackhouse Novel does not disappoint and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sookie has to deal lots of family matters including her fairy cousins and her vampire husband. She has obviously grown in the series from a naive waitress to a sharp businesswoman. Even in matters of the heart, Sookie has learned to make wiser decisions. I look forward to the final (!) book which comes out in May.

Are you a Sookie Stackhouse fan? If you watch Trueblood on television, I have to tell you that the books are much better and the storyline is very different. You meet some of the same characters but the plot is much more believable and fun (also less naked people).

Deadlocked is more of a mystery but several recurring characters do pop up from time to time. Sookie catches Eric feeding off of a younger woman who is clearly more than human. Jealousy aside, Sookie's problems escalate when the young woman is found murdered in Eric's front yard. With the police asking questions at every turn, Sookie's ex-lover Bill using a vampire's abilities to solve the crime and the supernatural creatures at Hooligan's growing restless since Claude left, Sookie has her hands full. Not to mention a late night visit from Eric's potential new wife. Deadlocked is fun, which I have not had in the last two or three Stackhouse books. In fact, I would have to say this was the best book I read over Spring Break (out of seven total books).

What did this book have to do with my faith? Sookie has something in her possession that can help someone whom she truly loves. She must find the strength to use it for the right person. This makes me think of my life as a Christian. I often love those who love me back. I might even love those who worship with me but do not show me love. As Christians we are to love one another. Period. Not to love when we feel like it or love those who are nice to us. We are simply to love each other. When do we show love to those around us? How do we decide who gets the best of us? When do we truly share our love with others? I think you will be surprised at the answers you find. Not so sure we are loving as we have been commanded.

I highly recommend Deadlocked!

Happy reading!


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