Friday, April 5, 2013


By Kelly Creagh

If you have an amazon account, you probably get some recommended books based on the books you have purchased through amazon. I am always on the look for new titles and Nevermore had been on the recommended list for some time. It was a bit out of my price range until I was fortunate enough to find a copy at my local 2nd and Charles trade-back store.

Nevermore is the story of an unlikely couple: popular cheerleader Isobel Lanley and goth boy Varen Nethers. They have nothing to do with one another until they are paired up for an English assignment. They are instantly attracted to one another to the annoyance of Isobel's snarky boyfriend and Varen's rude friends. When Isobel sneaks a look at Varen's diary and then begins appearing in his dreams, things take a dark turn. Varen's whole appearance hides a multitude of problems from his abusive father to his own fascination with Edgar Allen Poe -- the very man on whom they are to do their project. Isobel's main problem is not following the advice and directions from Varen, her family, her friends nor the mysterious man who keeps appearing to her.

I had a hard time liking Isobel. I felt for Varen but he was a scary character.  I learned a lot about Poe which I wondered at the time how much was really true and how much was poetic licence. I got the feeling toward the end of the book that Creagh had change the plot. Maybe she received an offer to make it into a series. It seemed to meander a bit then head in a direction that made little sense. In fact, I had a hard time visualizing the whole dreamscape and never understood the strange characters that kept appearing. Were they or were they not a danger to Isobel? And what kind of relationship were Varen and Isobel having, anyway?

The faith question I had while reading is: where do you hide your real self? Varen wrote in his diary. Isobel lost herself in the twists and turns of cheerleading routines. The bible tells us that God knows our true selves, down to the numbers of hairs on our heads.  We still try to hide our true selves from others but God is the one in whom we need to trust and take into our confidence. Tell God how we feel and ask for God's help and protection. How different things would have happened if either of these characters had turned to God.

I don't recommend this book.

Happy reading!


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