Monday, June 17, 2013

Sweep Volume II

By Cate Tiernan

We've moved again -- I've lost count of how many times. Now we've come to Widow's Vale. Someone here intrigues me -- I sense power from her, power she doesn't know she has. I want to get closer to her, want to show her what she's capable of. I have to get close to her -- but will my love destroy her? Oh, Goddess, help me. - Cal Blaire

For too long Cal Blaire and his mother Selene have gone unchecked. It's my job to discover what they're up to, and I've come from Ireland to do it. I didn't realize I would meet my soul mate in Widow's Vale. I didn't realize her magick would be so beautiful that it would change my world. I didn't realize that the person I wanted most would be in love with my worst enemy -- by brother.  - Hunter Naill
                                                              From Cate Tiernan's website,

Sweep Volume 2 contains the books Dark Magick, Awakening and Spellbound and continues the story of Morgan Rowlands and her legacy of witchcraft. If you have not read the first book in this series, you may not want to read this review as it will contain some spoilers from Sweep Volume I. Also, as I said in my other review, some readers may be turned off by the description of witchcraft, magick and other moral hot topics.

In this book, Morgan struggles between her love for Cal and her growing attraction to his half-brother Hunter. Morgan is racked by guilt over killing Hunter. But is he really dead? Cal is suddenly not what he seems. Is their love for real? Morgan's powers grow and her friendship with Bree may actually be on the mend even as her romantic life is horribly dismantled. Morgan realizes that the life she has chosen will not be easy and her struggles are only beginning.

What did this book have to do with my faith? I wish Christians were as avid about studying the bible and learning all they can about their faith as Morgan is about witchcraft. Of course, Morgan understands that her studying will protect her against her enemies and save the legacy of her bloodline. But shouldn't we have such an urgency? Our enemy, the father of lies, is just waiting around the next corner or in our next thoughts to strike us down. Should we not arm ourselves? Perhaps with the full armor of God? If so, then we will need to be spending time in prayer. We forget that putting on the armor is about protecting ourselves so that we can spend time in prayer. Spending time learning about our faith and studying God's world protects our own legacy as part of the Communion of Saints. And the power we receive comes directly from on high.

I recommend this book for those who read the first volume.

Happy reading!


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