Friday, July 26, 2013

The Story of Us

The Story of Us
By Deb Caletti

the story of us is about recently graduated  Catherine - or Cricket - Shine and her struggles with all the changes in her life. Cricket recently put her relationship with long-time boyfriend Janssen on hold, her mother is getting married, Cricket needs to decide where she is going to college, and they are selling the home within which her mother, her brother and herself recovered from the abuse of her father. Cricket is reeling from so many changes.

The book takes place during the week leading up to her mother's wedding. The secondary characters are great and very funny. This is probably good because part of the story is told in emails Cricket sends to Janssen in which she tells her story in the context of interesting facts about dogs. The emails are serious while the rest of the activity is full of humor despite high tension in the air. Is Cricket's grandfather gay? Will Dan's daughter get a better attitude about her father's marriage? Why is Cricket's best friend all of a sudden interested in her? Will Dan's parents really divorce after 65 years of marriage? Will their hostess stop smoking pot? And, most importantly, will Cricket's mom leave Dan as she did her last two serious love interests?

What did this book have to do with my faith? Cricket's own faith is really all about her. If good things happen, God is present. If bad things happen, Cricket is not so sure there is a God. The worst part is that Cricket seems to expect that bad things are going to happen. The hope that stands out for her is the love that her family and friends have for one another. My faith is not so fickle but I do find myself focusing on God more when things are not going so well in my life. When life is good, I tend to ignore God. I forget to be thankful and simply expect the good without giving gratitude. Is my own faith really all about me?

I highly recommend this book although the ending may not satisfy those who like things neatly tied up.

Happy reading!


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