Monday, May 14, 2012


Okay, I admit when I look back on all my book reviews that I do tend to read a lot of romance novels. I used to read lots of Science Fiction/Fantasy. Anyway, here is another one.

Deceived is sent in regency England. However, some of the actions of the characters seem more 20th Century than 18th. Would it really be possible for not one but two young women to sneak out of their home and have a tryst with a love interest? Could either one have really had a secret romance when lack of privacy and private means of communication were truly available? How could a young man of around twenty years old become a Captain of a ship and still be a member of the elite? Would a sister really be willing to betray her sibling that she loved? And weren't the deaths of his and her spouse just way too convenient?

These are some of the questions Deceived left me with.

I did enjoy the struggle between the two main characters, Bella (Her Serene Royal Highness Di Cassilis) and Marcus (Earl of Stockhaven). She left him at the altar to marry a Prince from the Continent. He then married her cousin. Neither had a happy marriage. The Prince died in the arms of his mistress and Marcus' wife died in a carriage accident. Bella is trying to recover from debt and Marcus from guilt. He thinks Bella married the prince for his money when she was pressured by her family to do so. She thinks Marcus was in love with her cousin. It takes several plot twists and a marriage to get them to actually communicate with one another.

What did this book have to do with my faith? This book made me think about the relationship between our monetary debts and our faith. Most of us can admit to some type of debt. How does that consume us? Do our debts keep us from enjoying a happy life with our family or God? Would we give more to God (money and time) if we did not have these debts? How much does our money situation color our lives? How would our lives be different if we were debt-free – would we be closer to God?

I don't recommend Deceived. I do recommend getting out of debt!

Happy reading!


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